Octopus Change Management offers over 25 years of experience of change management projects.

We use a whole systems approach to look at the bigger picture rather than the minutiae.

Our team is hand-picked to offer the right characteristics for your needs whether they be our Directors or associates we aim to get the right resources for each client and project.

We Offer Expertise in:

Materials : Energy & Renewables : Flood & Water : Change Management  : Environmental Managements Systems :  Resilience : Delivering Financial Savings : Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Choose Us?

We care about – your people, environment, business and your future

We offer agile, flexible, intelligent solutions

We will provide an environment for safe and honest discussion so that we can get to the heart of the issue early and will deliver honest messages and encourage honest conversations

We will encourage this as part of the culture of the workforce and will support you and your teams to deliver the tough stuff

Our Measure of Success:

Is you referring us to other businesses and colleagues. It’s not that we don’t want repeat business and to keep working with you but we aim to leave you empowered to deliver.