We run courses to build organisational resilience within businesses planning or undergoing change . These can be stand alone or tailored for your business / organisation.

Our courses foster the same approach that we use when working directly with a business or client and allow delegates to understand some of the basic principles of change management whilst at the same time working on their own project or program.

We recognise that time away from the day job is a significant commitment for training, but we run the course over two days with a cohort approach as in our experience this provides greater immersion in the topics as well as real time opportunities to explore and deliver against their own challenge or project with the support of the group and facilitators on the days.

Support for the course content, pre-course calls and facilitation related to the cohort formation for the days is provided by Octopus and is included within the price.

Why do we use the cohort / contract model?

Because it builds trust and creates a working environment in which attendees can quickly build rapport and work together.
• The course or subject selection determines the cohort (self selection)
• There is a planned work element to it specific for the business (self interest)
• As an attendee you will have contracted to fulfil the minimum requirement:

To attend the whole course
To complete the pre-call
To complete the pre-work and home work
To contract (ground rules) with your group and to engage fully

Upcoming Courses

Fundamentals of Change (Two days)

This is a primer of change management and covers several topics (see below).

It is designed to run around your own change project, and give you the confidence to understand your project, and how you are going to deliver it.

The course runs over two days (normally two weeks apart) and is a mix of theory presentations as well as opportunities to work in small groups with other delegates to explore and work on your own projects. Members of the Octopus team are present throughout to deliver the theory content and to facilitate the group sessions.

The course journey starts with a pre-course phone call with one of the Octopus team will help tailor the course to meet your needs, and pre-course worksheets, homework is provided.

Content Outline.

• Introduction to change theory
• Common change concepts and how to use them
• Understanding change in relation to your own project
• Managing the individual aspects of your change project without loosing sight of the overall goal
• Putting theory into practice – finding the right way for your business
• People and change – getting it right
• Understanding who the people are in your change project
• Looking at different methods from a detailed approach to appreciative enquiry

Costs :

£600 / person for two days (early-bird prices available), paid at the time of booking. Unless specified this includes all course materials, the pre-call, guidance for the pre and home work, lunch and refreshments through the day.

There is a maximum of 15 places.

Please click below to book a place on the next course (or to go on a waiting list to be notified when the next course runs).

Any questions or queries please contact us, and we will call you back.

[If you have specific requirement and a minimum of six people we can arrange to deliver this course directly for your organisation, or work with you to discuss your change requirements. Please contact us to discuss]

Next Fundamentals of Change is due to run in late May / early June 2019. If you’d like to be notified when you are able to book then please click here.

Other Events.

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